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Israeli Film Series

In collaboration with the Prosserman JCC, this series showcases the excellence of Israeli cinema.



Wednesday, March 20th at 7pm

Leah Posluns Theatre, Prosserman JCC, 4588 Bathurst Street

Tickets $8 in-advance / $10 at the door

Free parking available

In this charming romantic comedy, two mismatched seniors find love when circumstances conspire to bring them together. When Tami, an absent-minded widow, accidentally hits 70-year-old widower Beno with her car, the last thing on her mind is romance, but she invites him over to ensure that he won’t sue her. Though her cheerful disposition contrasts sharply with his sarcastic demeanor, she finds herself falling for him. Can their budding relationship survive the scrutiny of their children and interfering neighbours? A heartfelt film starring two Israeli film icons, Nitza Shaul (Ephraim Kishon’s The Policeman) and the late Yehuda Barkan.


Wednesday, February 21st at 7pm

In a dusty village on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, the late Morris Mandabon appears to his son in a dream and orders him to re-open their family’s now-boarded-up movie theatre, an act that revitalizes the community and reawakens old passions. An Israeli answer to Cinema Paradiso, this lovely and evocative film is also filled with a spirited soundtrack of Greek, Israeli and Indian music.

Wednesday, January 31st at 7pm

In this romantic comedy by Erez Tadmor (Magic Men and A Matter of Size), Moti Bernstein is the son every mother wants and the student every Rabbi loves to teach. And he is not bad looking either…. In search of a wife, he meets the best girls in the Jewish Orthodox world. However, he only falls for the one girl he can never have, his sister’s friend Nechama, who hails from a Moroccan Mizrahi family—a taboo for his established Ashkenzi community. Moti will be forced to go out on a limb in the most unexpected and unusual of ways.

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