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About Us


The TJFF made its debut in 1993 under the direction of our current Artistic Director, Helen Zukerman.  At the time there was a limited focus in Toronto on Jewish culture in the film industry. TJFF’s  Festival proved to be a creative, exciting way to introduce people in the city and surrounding areas to Jewish culture, and how it fits with the multicultural kaleidoscope that is Toronto.  The Foundation incorporated in 1994, setting out to be a showcase of the diversity in Jewish life and cultural experiences around the world.

The TJFF‘s spring Festival began as a ‘downtown’ Festival, but has, over the years, expanded its use of venues, both downtown, midtown and further north in an attempt to be as inclusive and inviting as possible and to appeal to a broader demographic. 

TJFF also introduced programming to address the needs of marginalized segments of the community: offering ASL interpreters at screenings for the deaf/hearing impaired community and sensory-sensitive screenings for families affected by autism, who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a public “in-theatre” event.

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Through the presentation of international and Canadian films, the Festival aims to be both a window to and a mirror of Jewish culture.  The Festival strives to be INCLUSIVE of all aspects of the community, regardless of age, affiliation or income.  We undertake to show films for their contemporary, popular value, and for their ability to address the subject of Jewish identity.  We aim to be a Film Festival for everybody, and not a film festival just for Jewish people.


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OuR Organizational mandate

The Toronto Jewish Film Foundation produces year-round programming and projects offering the best feature films, documentaries and shorts from Canada and around the world, on themes of Jewish culture and identity.  The Foundation is dedicated to using film for its contemporary popular value and accessibility, in order to reflect the diversity of the Jewish experience internationally. TJFF provides an opportunity to heighten awareness of Jewish and cultural diversity around the world to audiences of all cultural backgrounds, and to present films in their original languages, with subtitles, in an effort to break down racial, cultural and religious barriers and stereotypes.

No Silence on Race

TJFF IS PROUD TO BE AN ALLY OF “NO SILENCE ON RACE”. The Toronto Jewish Film Foundation, through its programming and operations, actively seeks out opportunities to heighten awareness of Jewish and cultural diversity around the world to audiences of all cultural backgrounds, in an effort to break down racial, cultural and religious barriers and stereotypes. As such we feel that we have a duty to raise our voice for Jews of Colour, and all victims of racism and violence.

We are therefore proud to sign on and openly express our commitment to working proactively to create meaningful change and to promote racial equity and inclusivity in the Jewish community.

To learn more about this campaign please visit:

No Silence on Race is a movement borne out of the necessity for racial equity and inclusivity within Canadian Jewish spaces. Dedicated to building a Jewish community reflective of its immense diversity, the movement is committed to advocacy, education, and change.

The Toronto Jewish Film Foundation has teamed up with No Silence on Race to curate a selection of films. From India to Ghana, Uganda to Iraq, Israel to North America, and all around the world.


The Toronto Jewish Film Foundation presents stories of the Jewish people from Canada and around the world; experiences of a people spread across the globe as history displaced us time and again.  As people of the Diaspora, we recognize that Indigenous Peoples of Canada have always been the stewards of this land we are fortunate to call home.

So, wherever you find yourself watching TJFF programming, we encourage you to join us in expressing gratitude to Mother Earth for the resources we are using, and to honour the First Nations who have been living on this land since time immemoria.