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The TJFF Legacy Endowment Fund

The Toronto Jewish Film Foundation (TJFF) established a Legacy Endowment Fund in 2020, to ensure a sustainable future.

Through this endowment fund, TJFF will be able to secure its capacity for suitable venues for the annual Festival as well as sustain our artistic direction and our curation talent into the next generation.

The endowment fund was established in partnership with the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and we are delighted that this initiative has been the recipient of matching grants from the Government of Canada’s Department of Canadian Heritage. 

Our goal is to reach $4 million, and we are thrilled to report that initial support has generated pledges for half that amount.

This year all contributions to the endowment fund will once again be submitted to Department of Canadian Heritage Endowment Incentive Program for matching funding, thereby magnifying the impact of any gifts received.

If you are interested in becoming one of the founding supporters of this TJFF Legacy initiative, we welcome your consideration and would be happy to provide more details of what this endowment means for our expanding community and the Toronto Jewish Film Foundation’s journey into the future.  

This project has been made possible
in part by the Government of Canada.

The endowment fund was established in partnership with

“Who would have thought, almost 30 years ago, that this 5 day Festival with 10 screenings at the Bloor Cinema, would become one of the largest Jewish film festivals in the world with 6 venues and over 80 films (pre-Covid) as well as now offering online screenings across the province of Ontario.

If nothing else, Covid showed us how important the arts are to our survival. The opportunity to escape the dark days of the pandemic with films, concerts, and happenings anywhere in the world made those days more bearable.

TJFF continues to play an important role in the community and through our programming, we counter the rise of antisemitic incidents happening around the world.

As we enter our 30th year, I am mindful of how important it is to protect the future of the Festival for our children and grandchildren.”

-– Helen Zukerman, Artistic Director and Founder of TJFF

For more information please contact Helen Zukerman at