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What teachers are saying about FilmMatters

“FilmMatters provides more than an educational experience, it provides a service to education. Having attended screenings with bus-loads of students, other teachers, and personally, I am always struck by the quality of the product, the presentation of the product, but more importantly the impact of the product. This transformational service, helps to develop awareness of issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, but more importantly, through facilitated conversations, it affects character. It’s not just about the students, as an educator, I have been impacted and transformed by this service.”                                                                                                                                            Anthony Samchek, Peel District School Board

“The classes I’ve brought have all been impressed with the movies they’ve seen…in fact last year some were moved to tears by the movie Sac du Billes! The movies give us a context for talking about important world events such as World War 2 and the Holocaust which are so important and relevant to talk about. We’re looking forward to what you have on show this year.”
                                                                                            Peter Raymond, John A. Leslie Public School (TDSB)

“I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of how beneficial FilmMatters has been. I have had the opportunity to attend as well as have several students in the various schools I was associated with over the last 5 -7 years attend these movies. They were not only educational but also factual and our students did learn a lot from and through these resources. Hoping this will continue so many more students can benefit from this venture.”
                                                                                              Bernice Peacock, Vice Principal Bishop Marrocco/                                                                                                                Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School