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What people are saying about TJFF

The TJFF, by consistently exploring vital, wide-ranging and provocative issues around Jewish identity, culture, politics and life, holds a unique position in the pantheon of film festivals in Toronto.
Jennifer Baichwal, Award winning Canadian documentary filmmaker


Storytelling is part of the Jewish DNA. Telling stories on film? Doesn’t get more Jewish than that.  I’m proud to support the TJFF because it plays a wonderful role celebrating this tradition.
Zane Caplansky, Celebrity chef & restauranteur


TJFF is one of the most important film festivals in the city – it has excellent programming, promotion and audiences.  As a distributor, it is an essential festival for us to premiere any film that has a Jewish theme.
Hussain Amarshi, CEO Mongrel media


I’ve had the good fortune of screening three films at the TJFF, starting with my student film, LA Mohel. It is one of the best Jewish Film Festivals in the world and is, just simply, a great festival. The programming is diverse and provocative and the audiences are devoted and enthusiastic. And when I don’t have a film, I go as an audience member.
David Bezmogias, Canadian author and filmmaker


In a city known for its great film festivals, one has always stood out for its commitment to originality, creativity, openness, fearlessness, honesty and intelligence, and that is the TJFF. What a gift this festival has been to the country, bringing in new voices and new films from around the world and allowing our communities to share in each others stories. From a small idea to a major cultural institution, the tale of the first 25 years of the wonderful TJFF would make one helluva a film!
Evan Solomon, Canadian columnist, political journalist and radio host


[TJFF Online] is an idea that’s put TJFF (which this year rebranded itself as the Toronto Jewish Film Foundation) in league with premiere film fests across the world, if not ahead of the curve.
Barry Hertz, The Globe & Mail


A mainstay on the city’s film fest calendar since 1993″… “a chance to see a bounty of yet more new documentaries, presented alongside TJFF’s generous selection of features, shorts and archival offerings.
Jason Anderson, Toronto Star


Movie theatres today are dominated by superhero special effects films made for fast consumption. Thoughtful and thought provoking films for grown-ups have become an endangered species. TJFF is a wonderful opportunity to see such films.
Robert Lantos, Multi-Award Winning Canadian Producer


We are privileged as Canadian Jews to have such a vibrant, well programmed Toronto Jewish Film Festival to use cinema to remind us of our history, to extol the works of some of our great writers (as TJFF did for Mordecai Richler in 2017), and to help us to explore and understand what the late Ben Dunkleman described in his riveting memoir our “dual allegiance.” I applaud the Festival’s creativity and open-mindedness.
Michael Levine, Entertainment Lawyer


The TJFF, because of the quality of its films, the variety, the wide-ranging, international focus, is remarkably successful and popular, with a dedicated audience –and that includes me.
Eleanor Wachtel, Canadian writer and broadcaster