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TJFF2020 Online FAQ

General Information

We greatly appreciate your sharing info about TJFF’s online festival offerings with your friends and family via sharing TJFF newsletters and social media posts.

At this year’s Festival, as with our year-round screenings, TJFF is taking some new steps to ensure our audiences feel safe and secure while enjoying their movies. Security will be present at all Festival screenings and bags will be checked before entry, so please allow for extra time when arriving at the venue and refrain from bringing any large bags.

Box Office

Our online box office opens on May 9th at

You will need a valid email address to complete your ticket purchase.

You will also be able to order tickets by phone beginning at 416-324-9121:
MAY9 – MAY 31 12PM – 6PM
JUNE 1 – JUNE 11 12PM – 8PM

Box Office will also operate in person at the screening venues during screening dates/times.

Category: Box Office

Whether you prefer to watch films in the theatre, online or a combination of both, we have a pass to suit your viewing preferences.

More information on the Flex10, Flex20 and Online All-Access Passes available HERE.

Category: Box Office

No. As a security measure your payment information is not saved on our box office system.

Category: Box Office

Technical Support

Using Casting – You can cast festival films to  your TV using the Apple TV or Roku apps, AirPlay or a Google Chromecast device

Video instructions for how to use the TJFF app for Apple TV: HERE

Video instructions for how to use the TJFF app for Roku: HERE

Using an HDMI cable – You can connect your PC desktop/laptop to your television using an HDMI cord. (This may also be done with an Apple computer if you have an HDMI or DisplayPort adapter)
Instructions with pictures: HERE
Video instructions:  HERE

AirPlay and Chromecast users: Please connect directly from the video. Do not use in screen mirror mode.

HDMI connection users: iPads and iPhones cannot be used to connect to your television

Please turn off your VPN, if applicable – it can block the viewing of films

On my computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device:
Via web browsers (we recommend Google Chrome or Safari)

How to use Chromecast: HERE

Category: Technical Support

You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.12+. You can also watch films on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari.

Category: Technical Support

Yes, you can watch content using Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. Please note that you must have “Screen Mirroring” turned off for content to play.

Category: Technical Support

Yes, you can watch content using Chrome on Android 6.0 or later. 

Category: Technical Support

You can Chromecast from a Chrome web browser on PC and Mac computers as well as Android devices by selecting the cast button in the bottom right-hand side of the player. 

Please note that cast is not available from Iphone and Ipad.

Category: Technical Support

 You can cast festival films to your TV using the Apple TV app

Video instructions for how to use the TJFF app for Apple TV: HERE

You can also AirPlay from most browsers if you have Apple TV by selecting the cast button in the bottom right-hand side of the player.

AirPlay users: Please connect directly from the video. Do not use in screen mirror mode.

Category: Technical Support

You can cast festival films to  your TV using the Roku app

Video instructions for how to use the TJFF app for Roku: HERE

Category: Technical Support

Use the password reset option on the login page to reset your password. You will need access to the e-mail address you use to log in.

Category: Technical Support

We use adaptive bitrate streaming which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback. If you’re on wifi, try moving closer to your router.

Category: Technical Support

Yes. We have a few short films available with which you can run a test, beginning on May 11th.

Visit for more info

Category: Technical Support

You will receive an email link with instructions to access the film after purchasing tickets to a screening.

Category: Technical Support
All online films are available according to the festival schedule 


Yes, you will be able to watch from your Ontario cottage (subject to wifi/internet availability).

However please remember, your ticket voucher is paired with the WIFI used when you first press play, meaning a film must be completed using the same network.

Category: Technical Support

Yes. The Festival shares the same platform with J-Flix.  J-Flix members will need to enter voucher codes for individual Festival films by clicking on REDEEM at the top of the screen.

Category: Technical Support

Yes. Beginning on May 23rd, we will offer tech support by phone from 12noon – 6pm and from 12pm – 8pm from June 2nd to June 11 at 416-324-9121.

Category: Technical Support

If you can’t login with your email and password to

Make sure you have the right password, otherwise you can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot?

Make sure you don’t have too many devices connected: A maximum of 6 devices is allowed, but you can easily delete a device by clicking on the gear at the top right of your screen and “Manage Devices

Category: Technical Support

TJFF Virtual Cinema

J-Flix is Free and accessible from anywhere in Canada. Sign-up for a Free Membership with your name and e-mail on