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The Human Resources Manager

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Countries Israel, France, Romania
Year 2010
Running Time 103 MIN
Languages Hebrew, English, Romanian
Subtitles English
Director Eran Riklis
Cast Mark Ivanir, Guri Alfi, Noah Silver, Gila Almagor

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Based on a popular novel by A.B. Yehoshua, and the Best Picture winner at the Israeli Oscars, The Human Resources Manager  is one of Eran Riklis' most acclaimed films (The Lemon Tree, TJFF 2009, The Syrian Bride, TJFF 2005 and Dancing Arabs, TJFF 2015). When the body of a female foreign worker killed by a suicide bomber is eventually identified as an employee of a large Israeli bakery, the company’s human resources manager is publicly accused of inhumanity for having failed to notice her absence. To make amends, he must accompany the body to her hometown in a remote Eastern European village. Riklis deftly balances the tragic elements of the story with a healthy dose of dark humour, resulting in a quirky road movie in which the central character and his travelling companions rediscover their own humanity as they honour a woman they never knew but learn to admire.

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