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Sukkot in Warsaw

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Countries United States, Poland
Year 2014
Running Time 21 MIN
Languages English, Polish, Russian
Subtitles English
Director Dmitriy Khavin

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Sukkot in Warsaw portrays members of the Jewish community living in today's Warsaw. In the district of Muranow, located at the site of the Warsaw Ghetto, the second generation Jews, children of Holocaust survivors, celebrate Sukkot as they remember their parents who miraculously lived against all odds. At the Jewish youth organization Moishe House, college students speak about what it means to be Jewish in 21st century Poland as they build a Sukkah out of branches and twigs. As one of the Jewish residents of Warsaw poignantly emphasizes "this was our country, the wild strawberries are our wild strawberries, the kasha is our kasha, pierogies are our pierogies..."

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