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Countries France, Canada, Israel
Year 2020
Running Time 120 MIN
Languages French, English
Director Ilan Ziv

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An exploration of antisemitism in France, from origins in the Middle Ages to today, and how the situation in France speaks for its rise around the world. 

Director Ilan Ziv (Six Days in June) examines how the depiction of “the Jew” in society has been used to stoke fear throughout France’s history and how political and social parties have relied on antisemitic tropes to jeopardize democracy.
Highlighted by Norm Wilner as one of his top 5 films at TJFF2020: “It’s not an easy watch – especially when Ziv digs into the way Jewish stories have been represented in the French media, all the way back to the Dreyfus Affair – but at this particular point in time, it’s a necessary one.”



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