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Mina Tannenbaum

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Country France
Year 1993
Running Time 30 MIN
Language French
Subtitles English
Director Martine Dugowson
Cast Romane Bohringer, Elsa Zylberstein, Florence Thomassin

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Nurses waltzed ecstatically when Mina Tannenbaum and Ethel Benegui were born. Mina and Ethel meet as youngsters at ballet class in Paris; so begins a complex 25 year friendship. They continue to get together on a park bench in Montmartre to laugh and cry about life and love. Mina grows into a successful, courageous, if not stubborn, artist. Ethel, visibly envious of Mina's success, tries on a variety of identities in her pursuit of happiness. Writer/director Martine Dugowson has recreated the styles and decor of Paris from the 1970’s to the present and has endowed this sexy, imaginative story with visual flair. This film was a hit in France and Montreal for over nine months!

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