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Golda's War Diaries


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 5 – June 6
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Israel
Year 2023
Running Time 73 MIN
Language Hebrew
Director Yariv Mozer

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Director Yariv Mozer (Ben-Gurion Epilogue, The Devil's Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes) challenges the prevailing myths surrounding Golda Meir’s handling of the Yom Kippur war, offering a more nuanced analysis of one of Israel’s most polarizing leaders. Documents that were declassified fifty years after the war reveal that, in contrast to her cabinet’s inadequacies, Meir herself managed the war assertively. Efforts to gain American support were vital both for winning the war and paving the way for a peace treaty with Egypt. Expert commentary and archival footage validate this reassessment of Meir’s leadership during the war. In light of current challenges, Mozer’s film is particularly relevant.

Presentation Details

Other Festivals - Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2024
- Boca International Jewish Film Festival 2024
- San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2024