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Alfred and Lucie Dreyfus, With a Kiss as Deep as My Love Alfred et Lucie Dreyfus, je t'embrasse comme je t'aime


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 2 – June 3
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country France
Year 2021
Running Time 59 MIN
Language French
Director Delphine Morel

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Director Delphine Morel offers an intimate portrait of the legendary Dreyfus Affair through the lens of the personal correspondence between Alfred and his wife Lucie over the course of his five year incarceration. After being sentenced in 1894 for high treason, the spouses exchanged hundreds of letters that were confiscated, opened and analyzed before reaching their intended recipients. These letters were a weapon of survival for Alfred. Their contents offer the viewer a window into the life in captivity of an innocent soldier whose only crime was being Jewish.

Presentation Details

Other Festivals - Luchon TV Festival 2022: Audience Award and Subject Originality Award
- Pessac Historical Film Festival 2022: Pessac City Prize