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31st Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 1 - 11, 2023

Xueta Island


Screening Information

June 16 – June 26
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Spain
Year 2021
Running Time 63 MIN
Languages Spanish, English
Subtitles English
Directors Felipe Wolokita,Ofer Laszewicki

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The beautiful island of Majorca is home to the Xuetas (pronounced Chuetas), descendants of the Jews forced to convert during the Spanish Inquisition. Despite their adoption of Catholicism, they faced continuous discrimination until the middle of the 20th century. This film looks at both the past and present difficulties faced by the Xuetas, through eye-opening interviews where people of Xueta heritage discuss both their desire to reclaim their Jewish heritage and their concerns about potential rejection by the international Jewish community.

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Review “Beautifully shot, Xueta Island is both a riveting portrayal of Rotstein’s quest to unearth and document Majorca’s rich, and tragic, Jewish history and an inspirational glimpse into attempts to revive Jewish life on the island.” - Moment Magazine

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