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28th Toronto Jewish Film Festival TJFF2020 Part two: October 22 - November 1

The Humorist Opening at 9pm


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 6

Film Details

Countries Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic
Year 2019
Running Time 101 MIN
Language Russian
Subtitles English
Director Michael Idov

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One of the most talked-about films produced in Russia last year...

Michael Idov’s sharply-observed social satire highlights the oxymoronic nature of state-sanctioned comedy in the waning days of the Communist era. Playing the comedian Boris Arkadiev, Aleksey Agranovich brilliantly conveys the tense balancing act of humouring both the general public and the KGB generals who whisk him off to secret locations. Tormented not only by the creative constraints imposed by the regime but also by anti-Semitism and his own personal insecurities, Arkadiev can only walk the emotional tightrope for so long. Though set during the Cold War, Idov’s film resonates with contemporary Russia and state-controlled media.

Presentation Details

Zoom Q & A With Professor and Author Anna Shternshis to take place Sunday June 7th at 3pm
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Izzy and Betty Kirshenbaum Foundation