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29th Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 3 - 13, 2021

The End of Love Encore Screening


Screening Information

November 22 - November 23

Film Details

Countries France, Israel
Year 2019
Running Time 90 MIN
Languages Hebrew, French, English
Subtitles English
Director Keren Ben Rafael
Cast Bastien Bouillon,Judith Chemla,Lenny Dahan,Noémie Lvovsky,Joy Rieger,Gil Weiss,Arieh Worthalter

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Keren Bar Rafael’s follow up to Virgins (TJFF 2019) is an exploration of love in the digital era. Unfolding entirely through Skype conversations, the film follows Julie and Yuval, a married couple with a new baby, as they try to maintain a long-distance relationship between Paris and Tel Aviv while Yuval waits for a visa renewal. Light-hearted at first, the novelty wears off after Yuval’s initial two-week stay is extended and Julie is left alone with the baby, exposing the limitations of technology in maintaining a meaningful relationship. Can their love withstand this new form of interaction? Starring Judith Chemla (My Polish Honeymoon).

Jury Statement:
The Micki Moore Award goes to THE END OF LOVE directed by Keren Ben Rafael, written by Keren Ben Rafael and Elise Benroubi. THE END OF LOVE is the story of a French woman, Julie, and her Israeli husband Yuval, who find themselves separated by government bureaucracy, several continents, and, as is revealed through an often powerfully unpredictable narrative, even greater emotional divides. Driven by fearless performances from Judith Chemla and Arieh Worthalter, and utilizing every penny of it's small budget to great visual effect, THE END OF LOVE engages in a slow seduction of the viewer that gathers emotional potency as the stakes for our couple get higher and higher. Director Keren Ben Rafael has adopted a deceptively simple formal structure that allows for skilful exploration of numerous contemporary themes, including immigration, gender roles, identity politics, and parenting--which makes it a film very much for today.

The Micki Moore Award is a $5,000 prize presented to the Best Narrative Feature Film directed by a woman.

Presentation Details

Review 'Completely original...a conceptual and audacious film.' - Cineuropa
Household Ticket $12