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Tel Aviv on Fire Tel Aviv Al HaEsh


Screening Information

May 2 - 7:00PM
Cineplex Cinemas Varsity & VIP 3
May 4 - 9:30PM
Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk 9

Film Details

Countries Luxembourg, Belgium, Israel, France
Year 2018
Running Time 100 MIN
Languages Arabic, Hebrew
Subtitles English
Director Sameh Zoabi
Themes Middle East Issues,

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Palestinian director Sameh Zoabi delivers an irreverent satire on the Arab-Israeli conflict in this award-winning film. A hapless intern on a well-liked Arab soap opera, popular in both the Territories and Israel, Salaam must navigate through an Israeli checkpoint every day to get to the Ramallah studio. In order to gain favour with the commander of the checkpoint, Salaam allows him to suggest changes to the plot that would see a sultry Arab spy fall in love with an IDF general. Torn between the demands of the army officer and the show’s Arab financial backers on how the love story will end, Salaam devises a final masterstroke.

Presentation Details

Guest Director Sameh Zoabi (May 2 only)

Sponsored By

Nora & Jacob Dehan