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Tel Aviv/Beirut


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 8, 8:45 pm
Innis Town Hall

Film Details

Countries Cyprus, France, Germany
Year 2022
Running Time 116 MIN
Languages Arabic, English, French, Hebrew
Subtitles English
Director Michale Boganim

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French-Israeli director Michale Boganim’s (Odessa Odessa TJFF 2005) riveting historical drama is set against the backdrop of the first Israeli-Lebanese War. By virtue of their mutual collaboration against Hezbollah, the fates of two families—one Israeli and one Lebanese—become intertwined. Boganim’s powerful documentary-style aesthetic vividly captures the brutality of combat, as well as the devastation of trans-generational trauma, which continues to impact the characters decades later, when the conflict resumes and threatens the lives of their children. Sara Adler (The Cakemaker) and Zalfa Seurat deliver powerhouse performances as they embark on a journey to save a loved one.

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