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Shalom Putti


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Screening Information

Ontario Premiere
June 8, 6:00 pm
Innis Town Hall
June 11 – June 12
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Canada
Year 2022
Running Time 90 MIN
Languages English, Hebrew, Luganda, Lugwere
Subtitles English
Director Tamás Wormser

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This engaging documentary by Montreal filmmaker Tamás Wormser (The Wandering Muse) looks at a group of Jews in Uganda and their desire to be officially accepted as part of the diasporic Jewish community. The Abayudaya are a community in Eastern Uganda with a strong musical tradition, who have been practicing Judaism for a century. However, they are not recognized as Jews by Israel. Enter Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who agrees to “convert” the community. The film follows their multi-year conversion process, and raises important questions about what it means to be Jewish, who gets decide what makes a community officially Jewish, and how the legacy of colonialism affects these decisions.

Presentation Details

In-person Guest Director Tamás Wormser

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Review "Welcome to the extraordinary documentary Shalom Putti…charting the lives of this extraordinary community" Moment Magazine