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Nelson's Last Stand HaMilchama Hachrona shel Nelson


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 5 – June 6
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Israel
Year 2021
Running Time 81 MIN
Languages Hebrew, English
Subtitles English
Director Avi Maor-Marzuk

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Meet Rafi Nelson, an Israeli socialite and the owner of Rafi Nelson’s Holiday Village, a bohemian resort in Taba, a territory that Israel and Egypt both considered theirs. Over the years, Mr. Nelson’s Holiday Village welcomed celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Arnold Shwarzenegger and Brigitte Bardot. A bohemian paradise, it was referred to by many as “the heart of Israel”, and Mr. Nelson was considered a symbol of Israel’s fight to keep Taba. This immensely entertaining film explores Israel and Egypt’s complicated political relationship by focusing on Taba’s cultural significance and Rafi Nelson’s reputation as a local celebrity.

"The film sheds light on a side of Israel I knew very little about. Through the life of this unique character, we enter a world that very much seems to be a utopian protected bubble until it explodes and shatters along with the rest of the country."
Tjff Programmer Jérémie Abessira

Part of ISRAEL@75

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