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29th Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 3 - 13, 2021

Love It Was Not Ahava Zot Lo Hayta


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Carole & Bernard Zucker & Family

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June 10 - June 11

Film Details

Countries Israel, Austria
Year 2020
Running Time 83 MIN
Languages Hebrew, English, German
Director Maya Sarfaty

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“A superbly documented, creatively executed tale” (Variety) about an improbable-but-true love story between a Nazi officer and a Jewish concentration camp prisoner that would have decades-long repercussions. Captivated by her singing voice, SS officer Franz Wunsch falls in love with Helena Citron and saves her and her sister Roza from certain death in Auschwitz. Thirty years later, Citron receives a letter from Wunsch’s widow asking her to testify on his behalf as he is being tried for war crimes. Featuring archival interviews with Helena and her sister and testimonies from people who knew them, this astonishing story explores themes of survival, loyalty and the nature of humanity.

Presentation Details

Zoom Q & A With Director Maya Sarfaty to take place on Friday June 11th at 2pm
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Reviews "A superbly documented, creatively executed tale." (Variety)

"The result of long years of research, Love It Was Not is remarkable not only for its unusual central story and unique creative execution, but also for its extensive eyewitness testimonies." (Variety)

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