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Love Gets a Room


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Carole & Bernard Zucker

Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
June 9, 1:00 pm
Innis Town Hall
June 11 – June 12
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Countries Spain, United Kingdom
Year 2021
Running Time 96 MIN
Languages English, German, Yiddish, Hebrew
Subtitles English
Director Rodrigo Cortés
Cast Anastasia Hille,Clara Rugaard,Mark Ryder,Ferdia Walsh-Peelo

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In the Warsaw Ghetto, a troupe of actors prepare to perform Jerzy Jurandot’s musical comedy Love Looks for an Apartment (an actual play that was performed by and for Jews in the ghetto). Tonight’s performance is different, because Stefcia’s former partner, Patrik, has informed her that he has arranged for them to flee the ghetto. Will she be able to leave her family and new love behind, knowing this may be her only chance to escape? Featuring excerpts from Jurandot’s play, this award-winning film includes strong performances, excellent production design and effective cinematography that also offers insight into a little-known aspect of life in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Reviews "A tour-de-force" Screen Daily

"A story of perseverance, resilience and sacrifice" Variety