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29th Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 3 - 13, 2021

Labor, Rebellion, Upheaval


Screening Information

Canadian Premiere
October 28 - October 29

Film Details

Country Israel
Year 2019
Running Time 53 MIN
Language Hebrew
Subtitles English
Director David Deri

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The creators of Ancestral Sin (TJFF 2018) continue their exploration of discriminatory policies through which Mizrahi immigrants were systemically sidelined by Israeli leadership. Through personal testimonials and recently unsealed transcripts, the filmmakers reveal how newcomers from North Africa were settled into peripheral “development” towns and their children were streamed into vocational schools to provide cheap labour for the state. Despite a concerted effort to keep these newcomers at the bottom of the social strata, the second generation of Mizrahim created a powerful grassroots movement to protest these policies. By aligning with Menachem Begin and the Likud party, they initiated sweeping political change. (Creators: David Deri, Ruth Yuval, Doron Galezer)

Official Selection, New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

Presentation Details

Zoom Q & A With Director David Deri to take place on Friday October 30th at 2pm
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