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31st Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 1 - 11, 2023

Image of Victory Tmunat Hanitzahon


Sponsored By

Wendy and Elliott Eisen

Screening Information

Toronto Premiere
June 12, 5:00 pm
Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk 2
June 16 – June 26
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Israel
Year 2021
Running Time 130 MIN
Languages Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish
Subtitles English
Director Avi Nesher

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Nominated for 15 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophirs), Avi Nesher’s (The Matchmaker, Past Life) latest film depicts a little known story in which residents of kibbutz Nitzanim were pressured to hold the line against the Egyptians during the War of Independence. Outnumbered by the Egyptians, they were forced to surrender. Nesher explores the battle from both Arab and Israeli perspectives, anchoring the story on two real characters: Hassanein Heikal, an idealistic filmmaker tasked with providing “images of victory” for King Farouk, and Mira Ben Ari, a kibbutznik who acted as a radio operator. Nesher’s script fuses drama, romance and history without losing sight of the human toll of war.

Presentation Details

Pre-recorded Q & A Producer and Co-writer Ehud Bleiberg
Review “A triumph of cinema... In more than two decades of professional movie reviewing and even more of movie-going, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. You will leave the theatre filled with love and a desire to live life more fully.” - Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post