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Film Masterclass with Marc Lapadula: American Jewish Filmmakers and their Indelible Brand of Humour


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May 5 - 12:00PM
Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk 4

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Country N/A
Year 2019
Running Time 90 MIN
Language N/A

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“Film Professor Marc Lapadula from Yale is one of the verybest professors we've ever been lucky enough to work with. He leaves virtually all of our audience members on their feet as part of a standing ovation. Yes, he's that good!” (Steven Schragis, Founder / Director, One Day University)

Across the decades, Jewish filmmakers have elected to deal with the most controversial social issues of their day, resulting in some of the most serious and powerful dramas ever brought to ‘The Big Screen’ (from Casablanca to The Pawnbroker to Julia to Schindler’s List, to name only a few). But on the other side of that coin, there are Jewish directors who have elected to try and get their social and political messages across through the utilization of their own unique brand of idiosyncratic Jewish humour. From Mel Brooks to Woody Allen to Mike Nichols to Buck Henry, some of the most uproariously funny movies ever made have ushered Jewish humour into the mainstream. Several fine examples will be explored in The Birdcage, Take the Money and Run, Blazing Saddles, The Graduate, Annie Hall, Heaven Can Wait, Working Girl and other films.

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