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28th Toronto Jewish Film Festival TJFF2020 Part two: October 22 - November 1

City of Desire Stad van verlangen


Screening Information

International Premiere
June 1

Film Details

Country Netherlands
Year 2019
Running Time 56 MIN
Languages English, Dutch
Subtitles English
Director Marcel Prins

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This strikingly-shot documentary explores the identities of the architects who immigrated to Palestine from Germany in the 1930s in response to growing anti-Semitism. They envisaged a new city, and their ideals still contribute to the character of Tel Aviv. Trained in the Bauhaus or International style, they introduced the principles of European modernism to the Middle East. Over 4,000 buildings were designed in the fledgling city of Tel Aviv, many of which still stand in the area known as The White City.

Presentation Details

Zoom Q & A With Director Marcel Prins to take place on Tuesday June 2nd at 2pm
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Anton & Ilana Rabie