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31st Toronto Jewish Film Festival June 1 - 11, 2023



Screening Information

Ontario Premiere
June 16 – June 26
TJFF Virtual Cinema

Film Details

Country Israel
Year 2021
Running Time 111 MIN
Languages Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, German
Subtitles English
Director Roman Shumunov

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A Ukrainian Jew now living in Israel, Leonid Berenshtein is the last surviving member of the great partisans who located the hidden facility where the Germans were developing their secret weapon, the V2 missile. This confessional film is brought to life with stunning dramatic scenes, as Berenshtein revisits the memories that have haunted him. As he approaches the end of his life, Berenshtein faces his experiences as battalion commander in the Red Army and the difficult decisions he had to make while staying true to his identity as a Jew.

Presentation Details

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Review β€œIt is both an engaging war movie and a moving portrait of a veteran shaped and shaken by his experiences and actions, despite having fought for a righteous cause.” - ScreenDaily